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Poker is a game of confidence. It is a game of strategy. It is a game of mischief, luck, taking risks, staying calm and collected, calculation, and believe it or not, poker is family friend entertainment for people of all ages. Coming from a chinese family, we keep it a tradition to play poker every chinese new year with friends and relatives, it is a deeply wholesome time that everyone looks forward to every year. It proves that poker does not require a large sum of money in order for it to be enjoyable, some people play with only coins and it’s the same amount of fun. It’s about the communion, battle of wits between familiars, that makes the game. Even though poker stems from western culture, the fact it is so commonly enjoyed even in Asia has shown that poker is indeed a powerful tool to bring people from all places that share vastly different cultural backgrounds together. Unfortunately, due to the game being stereotyped as a gangster’s past time, the image of poker has been severely damaged since its invention — but luckily, not to the point where it’s irreparable. Be it visiting the casinos, or participating in a poker table online with a mobile phone, poker has evolved into a casual past-time suitable for any time of day. Indeed, by making poker and, hence, the entire culture that surrounds gambling the norm via education, writing and sharing news, we can help reduce the social stigma or even eliminate it in the long run.


This blog is dedicated to the people who are passionate about poker, and seek to provide a platform for poker lovers to engage in healthy and normal discussions about their favorite topics. The blog is run by a team of 24 people. We are a group of people highly passionate about gambling. based in south-east asia. Our team consists of gambling enthusiasts, software developers, writers  and journalists from Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. We hope to use this blog to serve as a guide for the public. We provide education, reviews of poker-related applications and casinos, in the form of video or writing. We also cover news that involve poker tournaments, such as the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker (WSOP). Due to the abundance of poker tournaments that exist in western countries, some of them have considered poker a sport, therefore we treat this type of news coverage very seriously. Our reviews are thorough and we try to include every aspect when reviewing a casino, this includes the environment, design of rules, security, player base size, and game modes available. 

If you too, like us, are extremely passionate about poker and wish to help out with our projects, feel free to contact us using the methods provided in the ‘Contact Us’ page. To join us, you do not have to be very knowledgeable about poker, we have numerous sources here that can aid you and get you up on track with us in no time! If you’re here because you’re interested in reading up on the amazing game of poker, do subscribe to us and never miss our updates on interesting and accurate tip and tricks on poker. You can also check out our favorite real-life casinos to play poker in, or online casinos that provide tons of lobbies for poker enthusiasts.  Our goal has always been to spread useful knowledge and tweak the public’s opinion on poker as a culture, everything we write and publish, we do it with the readers’ interests in mind.